Our Location

22 mazoriya,

town square mall 4th floor


Gemstone Supply

We are passionate about Ethiopian gemstones and proud to be a leading producer and supplier of high-quality stones in Ethiopia since 2005.

Gemstone Academy

We also provide top-tier training for the next generation of gemstone professionals and are passionate about promoting sustainable practices and women's empowerment

Woman Empowerment

We believe in full representation of woman's in the gemstone sector. Knowledge is the power and we have special place to impower them.


We believe in contributing to the betterment of our community and environment. We actively participate in community development projects and eco-friendly initiatives, promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations.

We Give Quality and Unique Cut for Your Gemstone

we have a lot of experience in cutting and polishing Gemstones.


With exceptional quality we give a unique quality cut.


Not only quality we make it in modern way.

Some Pictures

We have a modern lapidary shop and Academy check us out.

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